Escape rooms may be something casual to do on a rainy day or a free weekend but many take them very seriously.  Some have a dedicated team with the intention of playing every room within their area.  Others take it one step farther and travel all over to feed their puzzle-solving addiction.  So what should you look for when selecting from friends, family, and acquaintances to create a dynamic team of players destined to succeed?  You need a diverse group of creative and (at least somewhat) intelligent people that work well together. Some of the key players are outlined below:


The team Leader

This key player should be able to assist in delegating who works on what.  A take charge attitude, ability to multitask and a commanding voice are vital characteristics The Team Leader must possess.  This team member can be counted on to play peacemaker if a big disagreement erupts.


The Locator

This is the person who can find a missing sock or lost set of keys within minutes after their significant other has already given up looking.  The Locator has an eye for finding clues and hidden doors and can run back and forth to piece together what goes where.


The Brains

Possibly touted as the most intellectual of the group, this person is very logical and has a knack for solving puzzles.  The only downside is this member of the team may get the most frustrated when struggling to solve a puzzle and fixate on it instead of moving on and coming back to it.


The Tedious Tasker

This player is happy to sift through a drawer full of scrabble pieces or a stack of documents to provide other players with what they are looking for.  The Tedious Tasker also helps enter lock combinations.  This role may seem small but is time-saving by allowing the others to focus elsewhere.


The Deviator

The Deviator likes to challenge the majority’s thought process and provide fresh ideas when stuck. This player is a bit of a risk-taker and can clash with The Brains.  During a clash, The Team Leader steps in while the unfazed Tedious Tasker continues to dig through the pieces for the letter “E” and The Locator finds another hidden clue.

It may take some trial and error to create the perfect record-breaking team.  A variety of thought processes and a good handle on communication will surely help. During the games, just have fun and enjoy the journey the tasks and puzzles take you on.