This is the first in a series of articles from The Escape Effect CEO, Dan Suleski.  He chronicles a personal concern, how it could affect his team, and what he’s doing about it.


In 2014, I left a corporate desk job to start a new adventure.  At the time, I had gained significant weight and hit the scales around 250 pounds.  It was approximately a year or so where I changed my routine to include eating under 1000 calories per day, working out at the gym every other day, and walking on the other days.

It was a slow process, but it worked and I dropped down to 180 pounds.  However, I was unhappy, hungry, and could not enjoy the food that I wanted.  Simply put, 1000 calories per day was not sufficient.

When starting up The Escape Effect, I found my responsibilities increasing more and more.  It meant no more time for the gym, then walks disappeared, then I would eat late at night after a long day at work.


Fast forward to today.  I’ve stepped on the scale for the first time in a long time and found that I weighed in at 242 pounds.

I’ve been noticing my clothes getting tighter and physical tasks becoming more challenging.  The team is now building our fourth game.  It’s the largest of them all and I’m needed not just behind a computer, but also for installations.  I must be in better shape to be effective.  I’m not going to let my team down.


That’s where today’s post comes in.  I’m starting a new diet.  However, it’s not going to be the same from years ago.  It’s important that this is something attainable.  My goal is not 180.  My goal is whatever number makes my clothes fit better and makes building our fourth game physically easier.  I’m a believer that one weight does not fit all.

I’ll start with the Atkins diet.  I’ve never done this before, but I know of two friends/family members who have had success.  Here’s the routine I’m starting with.

  • Eat only meat, cheese, vegetables, and nuts.
  • I’m allowed 20g of carbs per day.  (Surprisingly, breaded chicken nuggets are permitted.)
  • One cheat day per week where I can eat whatever I want.

I’m not really sure if this will work or if I’ll enjoy it.  After I give it some time, if I do not notice the weight number drop, I’ll make adjustments.

There’s now a scale in our workshop.  I’ll share on my progress periodically.  If I chronicle this publicly, I figure there’s even more motivation to be a success.  And should it be a success, maybe someone else will give it a try.

Wish me luck and thanks for your support.