1. How long have you been with The Escape Effect? 

Just under a year.

2. What is your official role here? 

Set Design, but I also help with Game Design.

3. What did you do before working at The Escape Effect? 

I was teaching specialist art workshops in painting, textiles and printmaking in England.

4. What drew you to want to work at The Escape Effect?

After growing up obsessed with board games, TV shows like The Crystal Maze, and a keen interest in the theme park industry, I was super excited to use my artistic skills to create different environments and props for an escape game.  Every day is different and I love the creative problem solving that comes with the job!

5. Do you have a favorite game? 

Sherlock Studies; it brings me right back at home to England where I am from (although I didn’t time travel here from 1887!)

6. Do you have a favorite prop? 

I’m particularly fond of my painting of Watson in our Sherlock game. It definitely sets the scene for the mystery about to unfold!

7. What are you most excited about for the future of The Escape Effect? 

Working on new themes, puzzles, and the unique challenge of designing and fabricating all kinds of weird and wonderful props and set pieces!

8. Which Greek god or goddess do you relate most to? 

Athena – Goddess of Art and Strategy.

9. Which Sherlock Holmes character do you relate most to? 

Watson: resourceful and practical, he always keeps calm and patient amongst the chaos!

10. What are you currently working on? 

I’ve got a few skeletons in my closet!

11. Which Bob is your favorite? 

The one and only Bob Bones.