Time-Saving Tips

Escape games are a great time!  They’re fun for large or small groups and come in a mind-blowing variety of themes and skill levels.  In spite of this diversity, all escape games have something in common.  That pesky clock.  We’ve compiled a list of great time-saving tips for playing an escape game:

  • Listen to your hosts’ advice on permanent objects.  If it’s glued down or nailed down, you don’t need to move it.  If your host says you don’t need to do something, you can take our word for it.  We are trying to save you time, not trick you.
  • Take your time.  Even though you have a time limit, searching carefully the first time through will save you time in the long run.  Few things are as frustrating as realizing you missed something important and have to go back to it.
  • Let your teammates know when you finish with something, so nobody tries to look for a solution that you’ve already found.
  • If you are not sure if you should be doing something just ask!  If you do accidentally break something tell us. We won’t be upset.  It actually happens all the time, and your host is prepared to fix any small prop issues that come up.
  • Split up when possible.  If your team can work on multiple things at once do so, it will make you more competitive.  Don’t worry about missing parts, your host will debrief you at the end and answer any questions.
  • Above all, your host wants you to succeed.  You can ask for hints, help, or even for a little bit more time.