This is a series of articles from our CEO, Dan Suleski.  He chronicles a personal concern, how it could affect his team, and what he’s doing about it.


When I started a couple weeks ago, I was at 242.  Since then, I’ve lost three pounds and am now at 239.  It’s nothing major, but it’s definitely in the right direction.

Since starting, I’ve noticed a couple things:

  • I’ve had two cheat days.  The day or two that followed each cheat day made me feel heavier.  It feels clear that these cheat days are slowing down the process, but do not appear to be killing the effect if done sparingly (e.g. once per week).
  • There were two days where I forgot to eat carbs completely.  On the third day, I felt horrible.  I’ve since been more alert on this issue.


I’ve been approached by several people with the intention to help me out.  For that, I am grateful.  Some are all for Atkins and have sworn by it.  The others have indicated that low carb is not a great idea.

My thought is that there’s no hard and fast rule about what works and what doesn’t – everyone is different.

Although it’s starting slow, I’ll continue as I am with one change – instead of one cheat day per week, I’ll do one every other week.  This is my way of easing into it and it’s the process of figuring what works that I’m confident will be successful.